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Columbus Board Of Realtors Purchase Agreement
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Addendum to the Home Purchase Contract – This two-page form is an important step in the writing of sales contracts. If they are signed by both the seller and the buyer, everyone recognizes the status of the property as short sale and periodic receipt. The form also sets out a means of obligation for the seller to follow the lender`s authorization and inform the buyer of the progress. APPORTIONMENT OF CERTAIN PROPERTY TRANSFER COSTS (PARAGRAPHE 10.4) The language of item 10.4 has created some confusion as to whether the buyer or seller should bear the costs associated with the sale or transfer of real estate imposed by condominiums and owner associations. Under the new paragraph 10.4, the seller bears the costs related to the seller`s objective of selling the property, including obtaining documents that only the seller as the current owner of the property is authorized to obtain and the corresponding fee payment. The buyer then bears the costs inherent in the buyer`s objective of financing the purchase and transferring the membership on behalf of the buyer and generally acquiring the property. THE MLS and Standard Forms commissions have developed these forms that need REALTORS® when working on a short selling transaction. These forms were created to support and not hinder the short selling process. Forms are available at the Columbus REALTORS® Member Service Center and via online forms. (November 2013) MISCELLANEOUS CHANGES (PARAGRAPHES 3.2 (D), 6.1, 7, 13.5 AND 13.6There are a number of other changes to the contract. Point (d) paragraph 3.2, point (d), is amended to reflect lenders` valuations that are not based on valuations. Paragraph 6.1, inspections and tests, now recommends that inspections and tests be conducted by Ohio State-approved inspectors.

Paragraph 7.2, a pipeline guarantee or safeguard plan, is removed, as most home warranty plans now include the protection of pipeline warranty. Finally, paragraphs 13.5 and 13.6 are amended to exclude text messages as contractual documents and to provide for the distribution of contractual documents by SMS. Agreeing to the listing contract – If this unilateral form is signed by the seller, it receives permission from the seller to disclose in the MLS that the property is subject to short selling. It must be completed by the listing agent before commenting on the disclosure of short selling data in the MLS. Seller`s Authorization for Disclosure – When this form is signed by the Seller, it authorizes the lender or other pawnholders to disclose confidential information to ® and other persons named on the form. This unilateral form must be considered mandatory to be used by the ad agent. Understanding short selling – This two-page form contains general information about short selling and provides sellers and buyers` representatives with an important and convenient way to document that they advised a party to seek financial advice or a lawyer. Although not mandatory, the use of this form is highly recommended. CONDOMINIUM or HOMEOWNERS` ASSOCIATION DOCUMENT PROVISION (PARAGRAPH 6.5) This is a new paragraph and a very important addition to the contract.

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