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Month To Month Lease Agreement Virginia
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3. occupancy by a condominium owner or owner of a property lease in a co-op; Any tenant who is obliged to pay a tenancy agreement must pay the rent and, by other means, comply with all the requirements of the tenancy agreement and all applicable laws and regulations. The lessor may make all of its claims under the lease agreement and existing laws and regulations, including filing an illegal civil liability action in accordance with the law. 8.01-126 in order to obtain a judgment of money and to dislodge all persons residing in such a dwelling unit. If the landlord does not sign and deliver a written rental agreement signed and delivered by the tenant, the owner`s acceptance of the rent has the same effect as if it had been signed and delivered by the landlord. If the tenant does not sign and provide a written tenancy agreement signed and delivered by the landlord, the acceptance of the property or the unqualified payment of the rent has the same effect in the tenancy agreement as if it had been signed and delivered by the tenant. When a lease is for more than one year in accordance with this section, it is only valid for one year. B. If more than one tenant is subject to a tenancy agreement, unless each tenant agrees otherwise, the deposit is paid by cheque to all of these tenants and sent to a redirect address indicated by one of the tenants. The lessor must pay the surety order within the 45-day period prescribed by paragraph A. but if no transfer address is made available to the landlord, the owner may continue to maintain the deposit in trust. If a tenant does not provide a transfer address to the lessor for the lessor to repay the deposit, the lessor may, at the end of one year from the end of the 45-day period, transfer the money to the public treasury as unclaimed property on a form prescribed by the administrator who contains the name; The social security number, if known; and the last known address of each tenant in the tenancy agreement.

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