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Roommate Lease Agreement Az
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Step 9 – Enter the name of the roommate who owns the account for the utility or service. Enter the deposit amount, the payment down payment, describe how the bill is paid and the roommate responsible for the payment for each business or service. If the roommate`s activity is contrary to the terms of the rental agreement, all persons in the rental unit can be evacuated. In addition, all damage caused by a roommate in the rental unit is the financial responsibility of the person (s) who signed the original lease. Even if the lease does not have terms of sale prohibiting having a roommate, it is always a good idea to inform the owner of the intention to have a roommate and to encourage the owner to agree in writing to authorize it. If the rental unit was built before 1978, give the roommate a copy of the lead-based color opening. Even under Arizona State Law Section 33-1319 there is a requirement to give each tenant educational information about bed bugs. Give the roommate a copy of this information provided by the owner. Step 5 – Enter the amount of rent to be paid each month to the landlord.

Among them there will be free ones to list the name of each roommate and the amount of the rent share. This is the definition of rent to be paid (i.e. cheque/money order). Finally, enter the date on which the rent is due. Step 2 – Enter the names of all the roommates (tenants) who enter into this agreement and the address of the property they will share. It is important to note that the roommates who have entered into this contract, but not one with the owner, are not entitled to the space if the owner`s lease is to be terminated (naturally or in some other way). If the utilities are shared and the roommate pays for a portion of the utilities, indicate the share for the roommate. Describe in mathematical detail how the electricity bill is distributed among the tenants of the rental unit. Include the day of payment of the aid.

If a security deposit is required for utilities, indicate the proportional amount paid by the roommate of the utility company`s security deposit.

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